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Recipes we suggest


Ingredients for 4 people:

200 gr of clean barley

50 gr of dry beans

Smoked meat

2 carrots

1 potato

Half stock-cube


Soften in cold water, at least for a night, barkely and beans. Brown in few olive oil the vegetables, add lukewarm water (in which, you have to previously loosen half stock-cube) and therefore beans and bowline. During the cooking, that ha sto be rather prolonged and with low fire, add a bit of smoked meat (ideal a little pig foot or a bone of ham, but also fresh bacon, stewed or smoked). Soup can be eat for several days and, heated, it still increases its taste.

Portion's calories 380



Ingredients for 4 people:

1 fresh lucanica

300 gr of rice

50 gr of butter

8 dl of good broth,

celery, onion

white wine, parmesan cheese

Prepare a soffritto of onion, celery, with fresh and crumbled lucanica and half butter and add therefore the rice, mixing with a wood spoon. Pour a glass of white wine and therefore the broth, almost hot. The risotto must have a rather fluid consistence and, when cooked, add the remaining half butter and a lot of parmesan cheese.

Portion's calories 650



600 gr of mixed meats

1 fresh lucanica

50 grs of lard


white Flour

1 dl of dry white wine


Finely mince a piece of lard and the onion and put them to the fire. Add then, as you want, little pieces of assorted meats, steer, calf, pig, leftovers read or roast, covered white flour, and a fresh lucanica cut in big slices. Salt and pepper according to necessity. Gilded the meat, add a glass of white wine and make it evaporate on slow fire; in the meantime toast two spoons of white flour and dissolve it in the broth. Add therefore a spoon of tomato assembled and boil up to complete cooking checking to get a suoce not with excessive density. To eat with polenta and boiled potatoes.

Portion's calories 800



150 gr of butter, 150 gr Sugar, 300 gr flour, 1 little spoon of bicarbonate, 1 little glass of grappa, 1 little spoon of salt, 1 yolk of egg, 1 teaspoon of honey, 70 grs ground almonds.

Whip the butter with the sugar. Add, mixing, the yolk, the honey, salt and grappa. Unite the flour, previously sieved, with bicarbonate and ground almonds. Prepare the mix to flakes in a baking tin for jam tart, previously buttered. Cook in oven preheated to 150° for 15 minutes. We suggest to still cut the lukewarm dessert to avoid that it crumbles.

Calories per 100 gr: 320